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2016 Submissions

2015 Submissions

(S) Falling Away II Trance Song
(S) Corruptive Experimental Song
(S) Unforeseen Consequences II Video Game Song
(S) Regrets of a Deafblind Ambient Song
(S) Eternal Emptiness v2 Ambient Song
(S) In My Mind Dance Song
(S) Climb, Hang, Slip, Fall Ambient Loop
(S) Better Off Alone Dance Song
(S) Night Owl Ambient Song
(S) Anarchy Experimental Loop
(S) Envision Ambient Song
(S) New Universe Experimental Song
(S) Rejuvenate Miscellaneous Loop
(S) SMRPG Forest Maze Video Game Loop
(S) Charlie Brown Brit Pop Loop
(S) The Question Ambient Song
(S) Oblivion Techno Song
(S) Alien Antics House Song
(S) Corruption Experimental Song
(S) Optimization [Loop] Techno Loop
(S) Simon Says Nothing Pop Song
(S) Layla's NES Video Game Song
(S) Until We Meet Again Pop Song
(S) Deception Trance Song
(S) Dreams Ambient Song
(S) The End Ambient Song
(S) Whenever I'm With You Hip Hop - Modern Song
(S) Shiek Video Game Loop
(S) Indigo Ambient Song
(S) Farther Away WIP2 Trance Song
(S) Soulfire (feat. John) Dance Song
(S) The Windy City WIP Ambient Song
Unforeseen Consequences Techno Song
(S) Eternal Emptiness Ambient Song
(S) Sunken Heights Pop Song
(S) SMRPG Mellow Mallow Video Game Song
(S) The Answer Pop Song
(S)Die Happily Ever After Techno Song
(S) Utopia (loop) Ambient Loop
(S) Poisonous Techno Song
(S) Petroleum Dance Song
(S) FOLD Pop Song
(S) Ivory Dance Song
(S) Surrender Pop Song
(S) Smiles and Tears Video Game Loop
(S) Lovers In Japan WIP Pop Song
(S) Arabian Nights Miscellaneous Loop
(S) Our Last Heartbeat Pop Song
(S) Tough Love Dance Song
(S) Jester Techno Song
(S) Memories Pop Song
(S) Life In Technicolor v Pop Song
(S) Critical Error Techno Song
(S) Unleash Ambient Song
(S) Through the Pain Trance Song
(S) Evan's Room Video Game Loop
(S) Fourside Video Game Song
(S) Kakariko Village v2 Video Game Song
(S) Hope With Doubt v2 Ambient Song
(S) Matter of Time Techno Song
(S) Forget Ambient Song
(S) Kids v2 (wol) Dance Song
(S) Technological Confusion II Techno Song
(S) Daylight v2 Pop Song
(S) See You Soon Pop Song
(S) Forgive Pop Song
(S) Invert/Bleed It Out R Dance Song

2010 Submissions

(S) The Scientist v2.1 Techno Song
(S) Gust Of Wind Trance Song
(S) Enough For Now Techno Song
(S) Chasing Cars Techno Song
(S) Kids Techno Loop
(S) Invert Dance Song
(S) A Song For You New Wave Song
(S) Hope With Doubt Ambient Song
(S) DKC2 Arctic Abyss Video Game Song
(S) Kakariko Village Video Game Song
(S) Daylight Pop Song
(S) Life In Technicolor Pop Song
(S) DKC2 Theme Video Game Song
(S) Pollution of Minds New Wave Song
(S) Vallian Techno Song
(S) Poison Techno Song
(S) Helium Techno Song